The Civil Aviation Administration issued the "General Aviation Pilot License and Training Management" (full text)! Clarify the license management and training management of general aviation pilots

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"Love with sky, dream with flying" - Rotorcrafts Flight License Training started!

On March 1, 2019, Henan Sun Hawk Aviation Industry co. LTD., officially started the first autogyro license training ,provides a professional autogyro flight training for enthusiasts, the training flight model- Sun•Hawk autogyro is independently researched and developed by our company, and has obtained the first domestic autogyro type certificate (TC0028A-ZN) and production license (PC0038A-ZN) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.



Russian company "Tupolev" visited SunHawk Aviation

On March 20, 2019, SunH awk Aviation(Henan) Industry Co., Ltd. received a visit from Tupolev Valerii and Alkhipov Aleksei, presidents of Russian "Tupolev" Technology y R&D Center Co., Ltd.,to deeply investigate the design level and manufacturing capabilities of our company, and finally reached and signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a product agency agreement.



Executive vice governor of Henan province, Qiang Huang and his colleagues came to our company for investigation and guidance

Everyone watched the propaganda video of "sky eye" intelligent environmental protection monitoring system and the flight performance of vertical take-off and landing composite wing UAV "Sky Eye" , which was highly praised by Qiang Huang and his delegation.