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"Love with sky, dream with flying" - Rotorcrafts Flight License Training started!

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  On March 1, 2019, Henan Sun Hawk Aviation Industry co. LTD., officially started the first autogyro license training ,provides a professional autogyro flight training for enthusiasts, the training flight model- Sun•Hawk autogyro is independently researched and developed by our company, and has obtained the first domestic autogyro type certificate (TC0028A-ZN) and production license (PC0038A-ZN) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Training content: 30 hours of theoretical training, 10 hours of ground teaching, 30 hours of flight with the coach,fly alone for 10 hours.

Start date: March 1, 2019

Training place: Shangjie airport, Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Training fee: 128,000 yuan

Training duration: full-time for 30 days or 40 hours in total

Rotorcraft license training requirements:

Junior high school education or above, good behaviour, in good condition, no criminal record within five years

Unified arrangement for accommodation (at your own expense)


  Autogyro is a kind of rotor aircraft that utilizes the relative airflow when flying forward and blows the rotor to rotate to generate lift.Its forward power is directly provided by the engine-driven propeller,the distance of take-off and landing is short, can be low altitude flying at low speed.Due to the rotorcraft has no tail rotor system and tail rotor reducer, swashplate, main rotor transmission system, main rotor reducer, etc., so that it contains simple structure, easy maintenance and high stability, can adapt to various flight conditions, experience the fun of aerial driving easily,achieve our own flight dream.

  Liang Tao,our General Manager, welcomes the arrival of new students and congratulates them on entering the course of Sun Hawk Aviation Rotorcrafts License Training,wished the new students to achieve excellent results in their future studies.


  The coaches explained the introduction of the rotorcrafts’ model and the knowledge of preliminary operation carefully for students, and took the participants to experience the rotorcrafts.






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