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Russian company "Tupolev" visited SunHawk Aviation

Number of visits: Date:2019-3-20 15:16:05

  On March 20, 2019, SunH awk Aviation(Henan) Industry Co., Ltd. received a visit from Tupolev Valerii and Alkhipov Aleksei, presidents of Russian "Tupolev" Technology y R&D Center Co., Ltd.,to deeply investigate the design level and manufacturing capabilities of our company, and finally reached and signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a product agency agreement.


  Tupolev Valerii was born in a flying family. His ancestor is Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev, who was a famous aircraft designer, academician of the Academy of Sciences and Air Marshal of the former Soviet union and even the world. He was a member of the academy of sciences and a lieutenant general in the air force. He was the founder of the Tupolev Design Institute and a pioneer in the design of Soviet metal aircraft.He was also kindly received by Chairman Mao, the great leader, who led the design bureau to design many world-renowned aircraft projects,which still have a profound impact on the world aviation industry.To date, Tupolev is still one of the six major aviation research and development institutions in Russia.

  Accompanied by chairman Dengke Chen and CEO Liang Tao, the company conducted in-depth technical exchanges on all products from the aspects of design, research and development, configuration, control, testing and application, expressing full appreciation and recognition, and gave a high degree of praise and willingness to cooperate in depth.





  Watch the performance demonstration of our products.



  Express the willingness to cooperate and sign the contract on the spot.


  SunHawk Aviation adheres to independent innovation, insists on making the most practical aircraft products, solves the pain points of the industry and the needs of customers, and has been fully recognized by all walks of life at home and abroad.We are deeply gratified and feel more stressful. We will make persistent efforts to respond to the call of the "One Belt And One Road” of the country and dedicate ourselves to the forefront of production and manufacturing enterprises.

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