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  • 产品名称: M.A.G.U.S
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  • Added time: 2016-08-23
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  Unmanned rotorcraft is a new UAV independently developed by our company. Before that, there were no unmanned rotorcrafts in the world.Same as the many advantages which the rotorcraft has, unmanned rotorcraft also has the same flight performance and many advantages. For example, in high altitude, high temperature, low temperature, lack of oxygen and other harsh environments, unmanned rotorcraft has more irreplaceable advantages. At present, our company has developed and completed the military-type reconnaissance and attack integrated unmanned rotorcraft and long- endurance unmanned reconnaissance rotorcraft, which have already been used in the military applications and received high praise from the military.

“Flying Hawk”unmanned rotorcraft Main parameters:

  •rotor diameter:8400mm

  •airframe specification:

  •Length : 5010 mm

  •width: 1850mm

  •height of :2750mm

  •Empty aircraft weight:270kg


  •take-off weight(maximum)525kg

  •fuel tank capacity:130 litres for two tanks

  •flight hours:10 hours

  •minimum speed:36km/h

  •cruise speed:120km/h

  •maximum speed: 180km/h

  •control radius: 100km(for each operation station)