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Oil-line patrol
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Oil-line patrol

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Oil-line patrol

Sun Hawk(Henan) Aviation Industry Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in UAV aerial photography and aerial survey and the sale of UAVs. The company has 4 professional aerial photography teams, and the flight controllers have more than 3 years of flight experience.

powerful complement to traditional aerial photogrammetry, with high flexibility, efficiency and fast speed, fineness and accuracy, low operating cost, wide application range and short production cycle.

Aerial survey is also known as photogrammetry and remote sensing. UAV aerial survey is currently used for terrain survey, land supervision and management, urban and rural planning, disaster investigation, land right confirmation, power line walking, cartography.

Aerial survey is the remote sensing science which is a part of surveying and mapping science, with the applications of space science, electronic science, earth science, computer science and other sciences, where non-contact sensors are used to obtain the spatio-temporal information about the target. It can not only provide solutions for the geometric positioning of traditional targets; more importantly, it can make use of outer space sensors to obtain images and non-image information for semantic and non-semantic interpretation, so as to extract the information on the geometry and physical characteristics of target objects in the objective world, providing us with more scientific techniques and methods for understanding and transforming nature. It is mainly used in surveying and mapping, urban construction planning, traffic planning, pipeline planning, land planning, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, meteorology, resource environment, disaster prevention and mitigation. The advanced UAVs adopted by the company are featured by superior performances, accurate image acquisition, large operating areas, high efficiency and flexibility, which can meet the CH/Z3003-2010 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2000 large scale mapping accuracy requirements of the "specifications for office operation of low-altitude digital aerophotogrammetry" and the GB 7930-1987 and GB/T7930-2008 in the 1: 1000 and 1: 2000 large scale mapping accuracy requirements of the traditional aerial survey specifications.

Oil-line patrol Oil-line patrol


Overview of Project's Survey Area:

Wuqi County, affiliated to Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, is located in the northwest of Yan'an, adjacent to Dingbian County in the northwest, Zhidan County in the southeast, Jingbian County in the northeast, and Huachi County of Gansu Province in the southwest. The terrain is part of the ravine area of beam shape hills of the Loess Plateau and is between 1233-1809 meters above sea level. There are two rivers in the territory: the Wuding River and the Beiluo River. The main structure of the terrain can be summarized as "eight rivers, two ravines and two mountains”. Since the implementation of the policy of returning farmland to forests started in 1998, the forest and grass cover rate has reached 49.6%.

Flight program design:

The project has a measuring area of about 60km ², whose terrain is mainly plateaus and mountains, with an average elevation of about 1700m (highest of about 2100m, and lowest of about 1200m). According to the operational requirements of Party A, the flight program design for the project consists of a ground resolution of 8cm, a relative flight height of 450m, longitudinal overlap of 80%, lateral overlap of 70%, and a total of 1 sortie. The mission adopts a large-scale flight overlap program, for the purpose of obtaining clearer identification pipelines in the subsequent process. The average flight height of the survey area is about 450m. Based on the highest and the lowest elevations in the survey area, the GSD of the image obtained is 5.6cm ~ 8cm, meeting the need of Party A’s project.

Technical Standards Implemented:

(1) GB/T18314 ~ 2009 "Specifications for global positioning system (GPS) surveys”

(2) CJJ73-97 "Technical specification for urban surveying using global positioning system (GPS)”

(3) CJJ8-99 "Code for urban survey”

(4) GB/T20257.1-2007 "Specifications for cartographic symbols 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2000 topographic maps” ("topographic maps")

(5) GB/T18316-2008 "Specifications for inspection and acceptance of quality of digital surveying and mapping achievement"

"Hawkeye"mission module is designed to be able to carry standard cameras, tilted cameras and image transmission equipment:

Oil-line patrol Oil-line patrol

"Hawkeye"UAV Specifications:

Body size: 2250*650*3500mm Cruising speed: 120km/h
Body size: 21kg Stalling speed: 18m/s
Maximum takeoff weight: 32kg Engine power: 7 hp / 12 hp (optional)
Maximum speed: 160km/h Taking off and landing mode: Vertical takeoff and landing
Control radius: 30km Endurance: 3-4h
Flying height: 100-4500m    

Camera parameters:

  Sun Hawk "Hawkeye"industrial UAVs are used for aerial photography. The specific camera parameters are as follows:

Aerial photography time


Aerial photography camera


Pixel size


Lens focal length


Relative flight height


Ground resolution


Shutter speed


Aperture size




Flight mileage


Flight time




Route planning:

Oil-line patrol

"Hawkeye"UAV field operations:

Oil-line patrol Oil-line patrol Oil-line patrol


"Hawkeye"UAV field operations:

Oil-line patrol

"Hawkeye"UAV data sheet preview:

Oil-line patrol

3D camera calibration

Oil-line patrol

Office operation work flow:

Oil-line patrol

High-precision post-production data aerial triangulation:

Oil-line patrol

Oil-line patrol - Results:

Oil-line patrol

Oil-line patrol - Results(Part):

Oil-line patrol


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