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The S50 "Small Tornado" UAV is independently developed by Henan Sanhe Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. and has invention patents and utility model patents. In the field of plant protection drones, it has adopted a "single-engine oil-powered horizontal double-rotor" layout, which is a special model tailored for the agriculture, forestry and plant protection industry.
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S50 " Small Whirlwind " UAV design concept:

The S50 " Small Whirlwind " UAV is independently researched and developed by Henan Sanhe Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. and it owns the patents both for invention and utility models. Breakthrough in the field of plant protection UAVs by using the configuration of "Oil-powered single engine with twin rotors in horizontal arrangement ", it is a special tailor-made model for the agricultural, forestry and plant protection industry.

Model features:

1, Aero-engine and Oil-powered

The S50 "Small Whirlwind" UAV is powered by a single aero-gasoline engine, which can effectively solve the problems of low power-to-energy ratio in using batteries, and high cost of operation/maintenance for plant protection UAV industry.

2. Full coverage by strong wind field.

With a twin-rotor in horizontal arrangement configuration, the S50 "Small Whirlwind" has a wingspan of 4.75 meters, a spraying rod length of 5.2 meters and an effective wind field width of 12 meters. It is different from the traditional multi-rotor UAV and it can provide a large and soft favorable wind field which is more suitable for the flighting protection operations.

3. High load, High Efficiency and Low Cost.

For plant protection UAVs, the S50 "Small Whirlwind" design breakthroughs in solving the prominent problems, such as a small load, low efficiency, and high cost etc. It now carries the drug box with payload of 50 liters, and the effective spray rod more than 10 meters long. With the flight speed of 6-8 M/s as the requirement from the conventional fine chemical protection, each flight sortie in 8-10 minutes, it can effectively spray 50-80 Mu of a large field, but the fuel consumption is only 0.3-0.4 yuan (RMB) / Mu.

4. Military level intelligent flight control system with high adaptability. Key words: flight control, data recording, health diagnosis, fault identification, cloud data platform, real-time monitoring unit.

The S50 "Small Whirlwind" flight control system is a redundancy, high integration, high reliability and cloud management function flight control system developed by our company specially for the oil-powered horizontal arrangement unmanned helicopter in accordance with the characteristics of the plant protection industry. Each of our flight controllers has passed stringent environmental adaptation tests and screening tests. The flight control system has three redundant attitude fusion sensor unit, double redundant flight control and planning unit, data recording unit, whole aircraft condition monitoring and fault identification unit. It is a special flight control system for high reliability industrial UAVs.

Main parameters:

Package size: 2050mm X 450mm X 600mm

Total take-off weight: 125Kg

Empty aircraft weight: 60Kg

Spraying equipment weight: 10Kg

Fuel tank capacity: 6 liters (about 30 minutes)

Drug box capacity: 50 liters

Efficiency: 10 minutes per flight sortie for 50-80 Mu.

Nozzle: 10 (imported from Germany)

Working speed: 4-8m/s

Engine power: 42 horsepower

Fuel consumption: 12 liters / hour

Control mode: Remote control AB point Full autonomy.

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