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The main advantage of the tandem twin-rotor helicopter is that its rotors are arranged in tandem. The folded rotors are very convenient for transportation and small space occupation. The task load is not interfered by the landing gear. The direct benefit is that its loading capacity is compared with traditional single rotors. The helicopter has a significant improvement. Because there is no tail rotor power consumption of a single-rotor helicopter, the load capacity is also greater, and the best performance can be obtained under a lower paddle disk load. The longitudinal center of gravity is large, the hovering efficiency is higher, and the same The innate advantage of the smaller diameter of the propeller disk under load, the tandem twin-rotor helicopter has strong anti-crosswind capability, and still has a large control margin in high wind conditions.
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Model introduction:

The main advantage of longitudinal arrangement twin-rotor helicopter is that its rotor is arranged in longitudinal, the space occupied by the folded rotor is small and very convenient, and the mission load is not disturbed by landing gear. The direct advantage of longitudinal arrangement twin-rotor helicopter is that its loading capacity is obviously improved compared with the traditional single-rotor helicopter. Because there is no tail rotor power consumption as a single rotor helicopter usually does, so that the load capacity is also greater. And at a lower paddle, the load can get the best performance, bigger range in longitudinal center gravity, and the hovering efficiency is higher. The longitudinal twin-rotor helicopter has the congenital advantage of smaller diameter of the paddle disc under the same load. It has the strong anti-crosswind ability and it also has a large control margin in strong wind environment.

system composition

The longitudinal arrangement twin-rotor unmanned helicopter is composed of engine, transmission system, frame, two reduction gearboxes, two sets of hubs, two sets of rotor, two sets of tilting discs, control steering gear, flight control unit, communication link, ground radio, ground workstation and so on.

Design parameters

Total take-off weight: 255kg

Total useful payload: 130kg

Empty aircraft weight: 125kg

Cruising speed: 80km/h

Rotor diameter: 3200mm

Wheelbase: 2300mm

Package size: 2660X500X800mm (long X width X high)

Folding transportation size: 2600X1200X1100mm (long X width X high) Power: ROTAX 65HP gasoline engine

Fuel consumption: 16 liters / hour

Duration: 2.5 hours (It can be increased to 6 hours by load reduced).

Up and down rate: 4m/s

Operating environment

Use for day and night

Temperature: -25 C ~+45 C

Humidity: 15%-95%

Practical ceiling: 2500m

Wind resistant grade: 12m/s (7 stage wind)

Introduction of flight control system

The S50 "Small Whirlwind" flight control system is a redundancy, high integration, high reliability and cloud management function flight control system. Each of our flight controllers has passed stringent environmental adaptation tests and screening tests. The flight control system has three redundant attitude fusion sensor unit, double redundant flight control and planning unit, data recording unit, whole aircraft condition monitoring and fault identification unit, dual redundant airborne bus, mission management unit, 900M/3G composite data link and cloud management platform.

Flight control characteristics:

•A navigation-level three-redundant IMU integrated unit, a high-precision magnetic sensor and a high-precision GNSS module are integrated. The attitude error is less than 0.2 degrees.

•Constant temperature compensation function: core sensor unit constant temperature compensation;

•High precision calibration: core IMU unit high precision 3D weak magnetic turntable calibration;

•Two navigation modes with GNSS/INS and AHRS/DR, which can switch automatically.

•Airborne bus system: the system uses 2 CAN buses to run through each unit.

•900M / 3G composite data link, local link and 3G data link automatic switching, breaking the traditional data link distance limit;

•3 kinds of flight control modes: manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous mode.

•State monitoring: with 4 channels of temperature, 4 channels of speed, 1 channel of oil, 2 channels of vibration, 2 channels of voltage monitoring function;

•Task Load Extension: With the CAN bus-based task load extension management function, up to 32 task node management function;

•Support external high-performance fiber optic gyroscope and quartz acceleration;

•Cloud access function: cloud data access function, flight data automatic backup cloud service platform;

•Data recording function: 30 hours of flight data can be circularly recorded.

•Working temperature: -40 C ~ + 85 C

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