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Sun.Hawk is a autogyro with an open cockpit and tandem two-seat. Besides, the ejection parachute is designed in order to protect the safety of the pilots and crew in extreme case(the ground without landing conditions, pilots disability, etc.)
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Autogyro is a kind of rotorcraft which is different from fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters. Its shape is similar to helicopter, but its flight principle is closer to fixed-wing aircraft. The rotors of the rotorcraft have no power to drive, but reling on the propeller driven by an engine independent of the rotor system to generate forward propulsion, which makes the rotors produce spin under the action of air, and then generate lift. This kind of aircraft, referred to as rotorcraft, is widely used in European, American and Western countries, and has proven technology . It has some characteristics:

1.High safety: As the rotation of the rotor is powered by the advancing aircraft, in case the engine shutdown in flight and result in the stop of propeller, rotorcraft still could continue to fly with the inertia and descended gradually. Therefore,the rotorcraft can be glided safely to the ground by the pilot's control.

2、Stability: According to the U.S. Rotorcraft Flight Training Manual, " The stability of the rotorcraft is the highest among all aircrafts." It can be adjusted automatically, so that the fuselage has a good pitch and roll stability. The rotating rotor disk is just like a large inertia wheel, and the rotor has neither cyclic pitch nor vibrations produced by the main rotor drive system, which is very stable.

3、Strong wind resistance: rotercraft wind resistance ability is very high, exceeding helicopters and other fixed-wing aircrafts. And the wind can facilitate the take-off of rotercraft。 For conventional rotercraft, the wind is beneficial to the acceleration of rotor spinning, and then shortens the take-off distance. Rotercraft can vertical take-off when the wind speed reaches a sufficiently large. In general, the wind resistance of rotercraft is stronger than the same magnitude of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, also the flying ability in eddy current and strong wind exceeds the helicopter's operating limit, and the rotorcraft can fly safely at 25 m/s wind speed.

4、Cost-effective: Although autogyro has many excellent performances, its price is very cheap, just about a quarter of the same magnitude helicopter. Because the rotorcraft has no tail beam, tail rotor system and tail rotor reducer, swashplate, main rotor transmission system, main rotor reducer, etc., so that its structure is very simple, not only the price is not high, but also the failure rate is low. In addition, its operation cost is equivalent to a normal car, because the fuel which autogyro uses is ordinary car gasoline.

5、Extensive use: The application of rotorcraft is omnipotent. Mainly it can be used in agriculture and forestry plant protection, forest fire prevention, police patrols, counter-terrorism, reconnaissance,field search and rescue, power line inspection, petroleum pipeline patrol, disaster investigation, aero survey, aero photography and aero tourism etc..

The "Sun Hawk" autogyro manufactured by our company is an open cockpit and tandem two-seat rotorcraft. In addition to the above characteristics of the rotorcraft, our company has also designed an ejection parachute for the protection of pilots and crew in extreme circumstances (no landing conditions on the ground, pilot disability, etc.).

Sun• Hawk Autogyro parameters:

• Rotor Diameter: 8400mm

• Length: 5010mm

• Width: 1749mm

• Height: 2725mm

• Empty Weight: 260kg

• Payload: 220kg

• Take-off Weight (maximum) 480kg

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 69L (two tanks)

• Endurance: 4.5 hours to 5 hours

• Cruising Speed: 120km / h

• Takeoff Distance:100-240m (overflew the barrier of 15m high)

• Landing Distance:100-150m (overflew the barrier of 15m high)

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